A Missionary's Heart

An Extra Blessing To See My 90 Year Old Mother Once More!

With my mother and Daniel's Children
in Shelby, North Carolina
Meghan, My Mother, Daniel
Alana, Malachi, Haili,
Joseph, Ethan and Isaac.
Daniel has been the interim Pastor of
Victory Baptist Church in Rock Hill, SC for
the past year.

Our house after November 15th

When we go to Makoko in Lagos, Nigeria, we
will leave our personal belongings here
at Jonathan and Susan's new home
at 355 Hendersonville, Hwy, Waltersboro, S.C.
The House is on 6 acres of land
with two fishing ponds, (Oh Yeah!)

The Mother-in-law suite is on the right

above a double car garage. It is very nice

with a fireplace, and basement.

We will stay in this apartment when we are in the area.

This is a small portion of a HUGE deck
on the back of our living area
This deck is actually larger than our last house
in Orange Park, Florida

Jon and Susan have the enormous 5 bedroom

house with 3 fireplaces, a full basement

and lot of extra storage.

Please view the Makoko Ministry Blog

If you have not seen
our Ministry in the
Makoko Fishing Village
of Lagos, Nigeria - Africa
Please click the blogspot below :

Our Missionary Photos now on our ministry blog

To the Philippines,
Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Burma, India
Nepal, Bhutan, Pakistan and Bangladesh

It can be fun growing old together!

Mom and I are getting old but we're still having lots of laughs!
I am so old that my birthday suit needs ironing.
I will be 65 on Thanksgiving Day
but Jeannie said age is just a number
and hers is unlisted.

The candles on my cake will cost more than the cake.

I knew this day was coming!

OUCH !!!

Grandson Joseph in a Cast
after pulling a dresser over on himself.
Broken Knee!

First Day Back To School

First Day of School at Mt. View Baptist Church
in Cowpens, NC
Alanna, Malachi, and Haili
(Three of our precious Grandchildren)
Laugh with us a little

Dave playing the Musical Saw



Latest Report Of My Health Issues

Dedicated to my good friend, Juan Cardona,
who loves Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream
My doctor put me on a diet
and you would be so proud of me.
I’m beginning to eat sensibly
rather than everything I see.
I gave up the cream filled donuts,
sacrificed the candy bars.
I eat popcorn without butter
and look for “sugar free” on all jars.
All my milk is only one percent
and it isn’t even white.
It’s better to go to bed early
than stay up and snack at night.
I use to look a lot like Buddha
and I want to look like Popeye.
So I ought to eat my spinach
But I can’t force myself to try.
I am juicing lots of veggies
and I now eat whole wheat bread.
I gave up all the fried foods
and I’m baking things instead.
I am drinking so much water
The bath tub is where I sleep.
Some times when standing at the frig
my wife has heard me weep.
I now eat turkey hot dogs
but I’m not allowed to eat the bun.
Watching other people enjoy dessert
is not a lot of fun.
Life offers little happiness
and not a lot of joy,
when other folks are feasting
and your meal is made of soy.
I have juiced so many carrots
that my skin is orange and rough.
Since I chew pieces of raw garlic
Jeannie isn’t kissing me enough.
I’m loosing weight so rapidly
my clothes now hang on me.
I will have to use suspenders
or embarrassed we all might be.
I said “No thanks” so many times
to food loaded with calories.
And the people at McDonalds
don’t even remember me.
It’s really quite amazing
at my success since I’ve begun.
But tonight I sinned against my body
because Ben and Jerry won.
~ Dave

Our Granddaughter, Jessica Douglass,

playing in a recital

Just A Closer Walk With Thee

Recent Picture of Our Son Daniel and his Family

Daniel, Meghan,
Haili, Malachi, Alana, Isaac, Joseph and Ethan
Daniel is the pastor of Bible Baptist Church
in Shelby, N.C.

Recent Photo of Our Son Judson and his Family

Judson, Julie, Jessica and Abigail

April Fools



This has been a year with several health problems. Sunday while I was preaching in the morning in Starke, Florida a health problem started that required some minor surgery at the VA hospital last evening. I am suppose to stay in bed a couple of days so it gave me time to think and write some things I want to share with you.

When I think of all my friends
I try to leave a good impression.
Hiding all my flaws and faults from you,
with me is an obsession.
I have some personal problems
that are difficult to go through.
These are things that I've kept secret
and never shared with you.
I live with fallen arches
so I often limp a lot
My temperature is never stable
sometimes I’m cold sometimes I’m hot.
I have a bunion growing huge
on my little toe
But I seldom take my shoe off
so it doesn’t often show.
My halitosis often bothers others
I can see that very much.
So I drink a bottle of Listerine
each day with my lunch.
I have another problem
of a personal delicate kind,
When Preparation H was invented
they had me in mind.
As a little child I played
with toads and frogs a lot
It’s hard to even imagine
all the warts I’ve got.
I’m taking water retention pills
because I frequently have to pee.
Now that problem has cleared up
but I’ve got water on my knee.
I’m always finding hair
in all of the wrong places.
It’s on my shirt and in the sink
or on the pillowcases.
Hair keeps growing out my ears
and even out my nose.
And it stopped appearing on my head
where once it use to grow.
I remember being thin and debonair
though handsome I was not.
Now things have changed and I’ve begun
to resemble Buddha quite a lot.
When it comes to eating food I like
it’s through gluttony that I’ve sinned.
I love cooked cabbage and spicy food
but you don’t want to be down wind!
Incontinence can be embarrassing
and a humiliating difficulty.
Medical science came to my rescue,
because Imodium was made for me.
I need some liposuction
for huge wrinkles where I sit.
My chest fell to my stomach
now it sticks out quite a bit.
My eyesight has begun to fail
and I can’t hear as well.
That is just about all I can think of
that I really care to tell.
(You can see I need a lot of prayer)
Dave : )


Thank you for praying for me during my recent hospital stay!
I wrote a little poem about the experience, called:
"That Depends"

I went to a hospital emergency room
while feeling very sick.
The E.R, nurse held up a needle and said
“You’ll feel a little stick.”
I had an I.V. in both arms
tied down so they would not bend.
I said, “Will I be here long?”
and she said, “Well that depends.”

Pneumonia was the diagnosis
so I was admitted to the I.C.U.
The supervising nurse said,
“Do not worry I will take care of you.”
She took away my cell phone
and I could not call my friends.
“When do I get it back I ask?
“She said, “Well that depends.”

She also took away my clothes
along with all my dignity.
I’m too embarrassed to even tell
all that was done to me.
I had oxygen blowing in my nose
and a catheter in the other end.
I said, “What of this is really necessary?”
The nurse said “That depends.”

I was wired to a monitor,
that beeped when my heart sped up.
The nurse came in and said,
“We need a specimen” and handed me a cup.
I tried to be very modest
but I could only just pretend.
She said, “What do you need help with, Honey?”
and I said “Well that depends.”

The food was bland, the medicine strong
in the hospital those six days.
Vitamins, exercise and taking care of yourself,
when you’re younger really pays.
Before I checked out and headed home
I asked the question curiosity lends,
“What do you call those loin cloths I wore?
The nurse said, “That depends”.
(You can see I am beginning to feel better now!) ( ~Dave)

We laugh a lot at the Douglass House.

Helping me to feel young the kids came and

brought me a cake reversing my age!!!

Click on the arrow to hear their goofy song

Happy Birthday Grandpa - (63 or 36)

Celebrating my 63rd Birthday,
I received a precious card from
my good friends, Dr. and Mrs. Mike Wells
with a picture of an old car.
I think the note was referring to me though.
It said:
Worn out Chassis,
Not-So-Hot Headlights,
Sagging Rear-end,
Bumpy, Splotchy Surface.
(Sagging rear-end?) - Yep definately me!
These Boys Love their Mom!
David, Joshua, Jon, Dave (dad) Judson, Dusty and Daniel

Sent To Me By My Son Jonathan

Need work?
Opening for Surveyor in Alaska

Isn't it comforting to know
that when you are about
to become a bear's breakfast
your buddy is standing there
taking photos?
Jeannie Lea Milking a Paper Cow
While Uncle Daniel looks on
At The Faith Baptist Church Fall Festival
in Shelby, NC.
In 1976 we were missionaries
to Thailand on deputation, traveling
in this pickup truck and camper.

Jeannie and I are on deputation again.

I saw a picture of a modern camper

that would sure be nice!

Oct 22
45 years ago
Jeannie became my wife.
The first time I laid eyes on her,
I said, "What that girl needs
is a good man,
I'm going to marry her
before she finds one!"

Aren't They Precious

Dustin, Jennifer, Destiny and Diana

Two More of Our Grandchildren

Collin won an award for his photo of Kaitlyn with this dog
that was in training to be a seeing eye dog for a blind person.
Collin and Kaitlyn (on the right)
Joshua (Bubba), Jackie, Jasmine, Jocelyn
Jasmine and Jocelyn
Joshua (Bubba)
Jackie and Jocelyn

Singing with the boys

I love to sing with my sons.
You can hear them sing by clicking on some songs
on the left side of this blog.

I Love Monsters, Mud and Mess - Joseph Douglass

Kristi Morrow, a friend from Faith Baptist in Shelby, North Carolina sent this to us :

I've attached a couple pics of Joseph. It was so hilarious how this happened. We were all playing volleyball at a friend's birthday party and then we heard Brother Daniel start yelling Joseph's name. We all looked at Joseph and started cracking up because the little guy was playing in a mud puddle...a deep one! Joseph heard his daddy and turned to get out of the puddle, but lost his balance and fell face forward right back into it. Daniel was sooooooooo funny!!!! I'm not sure who cracked us up more. Joseph or Brother Daniel. The thing is, Joseph had on a shirt that read I love monsters, mud, and mess. Well, he had the mud. He had the mess. And Daniel was his monster. ROFL!!!




Our Family in North Carolina

Hi, My name is Joseph Seth Douglass, I am 2 years old.
I live in Shelby, North Carolina
When my pappaw was my age he looked exactly like me!
Boy, I am going to be handsome when I grow up!

This is my family below:
I'm the one on Mom's lap but not for long ... cause
we have a new family member born every year.
This is Haili, and Malachi, Alanna,
Isaac and Me. Oh yeah, an my
Mom and Dad!

When my oldest brother, Malachi,

was my age he was the Oreo Cookie Monster

David's family!

When our oldest son David was a little boy he had the biggest smile. When he was the happiest his eyes would squint and almost disapper. No wonder he is smiling the biggest now! Jeannie came back with David to Florida to live.

Our Daughter, Diona, and her three children

with Dave's Mother

The Purpose Of This Blog

Jeannie and Dave Douglass